Client: Matador

Project: Campaign Concepts

Agency: Perfect Storm

Concept 1: Drama without the drama

Everyday life has a tendency to throw the odd curve ball now and then. The resulting mishap normally means we need to get somewhere quickly, so the one thing we don’t want to worry about is our tyres, after all, they are the only thing that keeps us on the road. So when a drama occurs, it’s nice to know that your tyres won’t be part of it.

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Concept 2: It's about the destination

Whilst the journey is key in delivering us to our destination, more often than not we are only ever focused on what we do when we arrive. Matador tyres embrace this, after all, once they are fitted, we don’t need to think about anything other, safe in the knowledge that with Matador tyre the journey will be uneventful.

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Concept 3: Matadorable

This campaign idea clearly takes its cues from your name and uses them to reinforce your story to your targeted audience groups. It’s simple, bold and by definition is uniquely yours.

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