Rachel Arquati

Clear B2B

"Scott is a highly skilled and experienced graphic designer, with a genuine talent for good design. He works best when fully engaged in the project, where he can interrogate the brief to ensure he has a good understanding of what the piece is trying to communicate and portray.


Good design alone is not enough, good design coupled with the thoughtful interpretation of the message is what good communication is all about and Scott is one of the few designers that really understands this. He also pays careful attention to typesetting and details which are often overlooked these days which can make a significant difference to the overall effect and finished professionalism.


He keeps himself well informed on current trends and technologies and adds a great deal of value to the thinking, ideas, and solutions. He can be very quick and nimble under time pressures, very enjoyable to work with, and we would, without question, recommend him."

Andy Graham

Emberson Group

"Scott is the real deal. A rare beast, the authentic creative talent. He not only talks a good game but he totally makes things up – in a good way! Constantly thinking on the tangent and making creative leaps and connections.


A great man to work with. Always happy creating new ideas. Working with others on the team to constantly take ideas to the next level. His work delivers creative that packs a punch and gets the message across. Scott is not all creative bonkers… His talents do not stop there.


He is also rigorous on the detail and a creative that understands the importance of process in any functioning agency. Always keeping to time and budget which is a great commercial asset too. Over many years Scott has never ceased to deliver an outstanding creative product that both sells and works."

David Turner

Client Director 

"I've worked with Scott on lots of on & offline projects over the last 5 years and he is great to work with. His experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm mean he quickly gets to the key issues with any brief. A fast worker, he produces high-quality work, sometimes against very tight deadlines, and if something isn't quite right he challenges himself and the team to make it better.


Scott constantly improves his knowledge of new software applications,  techniques or functionality so he never sits still for long.


I've recommended Scott for various projects and always had good feedback because he doesn't let people down. I couldn't recommend Scott highly enough."

Adrian Di Mambro


Perfect Storm

"Scott is energetic, fun and comes with oodles of enthusiasm. He takes ownership of projects and strives to produce the best create possible within budget and on time. 

He is constantly seeking new techniques and remains contemporary and relevant as a creative. He has been our go-to freelancer for a long period of time and I would highly recommend him."

Rachel McHugh

Managing Director

Clear B2B

"We’ve worked with Scott for over ten years. He’s a hugely capable creative - with skills ranging from conceptual work, creative design through to executing the detail if needed. He’s a great clear thinker, striking a good balance between deep diving and speedy turnaround. In addition, I’ve always found him proactive in thinking about our business and projects which really adds value to us."

Tobin Sinclair

Sales and Marketing Director 
EcuTek International Ltd

"Scott is great to work with. In particular, he has an intuitive understanding of what is required and always delivers. He is an ideas man as well as a talented graphic designer. He cares about the work he produces and this means he goes above and beyond the brief in order to deliver exceptional work. Scott and I have been up until midnight finishing off a piece of work and that's the kind of dedication you will get from him. I thoroughly recommend Scott and his work."

Bryan James

Creative Director
Big Yellow

"Having worked with Scott for many years, he is one of my top go-to freelance designers. He is by far and away one of the most versatile, and hard-working designers I have the joy and pleasure of working with. Plus he has a wicked sense of humour that brings a nice extra spark to the studio environment.


If you are ever looking for a designer that is as equally at home, bringing his creative sparkle to freshen up existing designs or starting from scratch with a white sheet of paper, then Scott is your man."

Dan Slinger

Account Director
Peterson Creative

"I’ve worked with Scott on many occasions over the past few years, from specifically commissioned projects to general studio support, and he never fails to deliver innovative solutions that really hit the brief.


Having worked with many freelance designers it’s great to find someone who is reliable, professional and you have ultra confidence to develop a good solid working relationship. I look forward to working with Scott on future projects."