Client: Uniroyal

Project: Celebrating 50 Years

Agency: Perfect Storm

Something To Sing About 

The aim of this project was to showcase Uniroyal's heritage in the wet weather tyre market with a series of press adverts placed strategically in various publications. 

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Uniroyal – Celebrating 50 Years2.jpg

Concept 1: Something to sing about

Millions of customers have celebrated our products over the

years because we bring cutting edge technology to the road to

ensure you arrive safely. Now that’s something to sing about...

Concept 2: Getting you there

Millions of journeys. Millions of destinations. Thousands upon

thousands of hours. From motorways, main roads, lanes and

tracks each route has its challenges. Uniroyal has been by

your side since 1969. We get you there. We’ve got you here.

Uniroyal – Celebrating 50 Years.jpg

Concept 3: Heavens above

When the heavens open put your faith in us. We’ve spent the

last 50 years pioneering the best-wet weather tyres on the

market. We’re the leaders in our field, and that’s our ambition

for the next 50 years.

Uniroyal – Celebrating 50 Years3.jpg
Uniroyal – Celebrating 50 Years4.jpg

Concept 4: Celebrating drizzle

We’ve always been there by your side. Your silent partner making

sure you’re sure-footed and safe on your journey’s. We celebrate the

drizzle, showers and squall, we celebrate 50 years of success.

Concept 5: Tried and tested

4,000,000,000,000 miles and counting. Our tyres have travelled to

Mars and back 100,00 times since 1969. I’m pretty sure that qualifies

us as the industries number one wet tyre specialist.

Uniroyal – Celebrating 50 Years5.jpg